EOS-Tooling: FWB – Major Savings in Production Time and Cost Using Additive Manufacturing

To ensure that Germany remains an attractive location for the production of injection-moulded tools and plastic components, toolmakers and component producers rely on innovative technologies and procedures that save time and minimise expense. German plastics processors need to make as much use of innovative and economic processes as they can, to be able to meet the cost pressures brought about by lower prices from Eastern European and Far Eastern producers effectively.

FWB Kunststofftechnik GmbH has been working closely with LBC Laser Bearbeitungs Center GmbH, a producer of metal parts using Additive manufacturing. This cooperation has resulted in the present method for realising tool inserts for injection-moulding components.


3DP Introduces the 100 Series WorkTable

Want to 3D print very big parts but you are on a low budget? The 3D Platform 100 series WORKTABLE is perhaps just what you need. It delivers high quality prints in a large format.

“Our new series of machines is a direct response to what are customers have been asking for,”€ states Jonathan Schroeder, President of 3D Platform. “€œOur WorkTable 100 Series is designed for smaller businesses, schools, and entry-level designers.”


MARKFORGED-A Revolutionary New Way to Manufacture Metal Parts

Markforged’s Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process for printing metal unlocks a new era of metal parts production. 3D metal print-farms will shorten development time, closing the gap between prototyping and production. In the next two years Markforged will achieve the technological leap to true digital metal manufacturing. It’™s time for mechanical engineering to enter the digital age.


ZORTRAX-Polish Artificial Heart

This case of the artificial heart shows the potential of 3D printing in creating the necessary medical equipment that helps to advance the study on life-saving devices. It is amazing how incorporating 3D printers can push forward the work on an artificial heart by allowing not only to create the model but the complete computerised test stand.

An artificial heart could be used as a bridge during the period between of waiting for an available heart and the transplant surgery. Although there are 3D printers that can print with cells that are biocompatible with the human tissue, creating a model of a working artificial heart is still in the the distant future.


3D Printed Boluses Help to Improve Radiotherapy Standards

The commonly applied method for curing cancer that appears on or just below skin often involves regular radiation. Unfortunately, during this procedure, the tissue that surrounds the affected area is exposed to X-rays. To avoid this, special boluses, usually made of wax, are applied to patients but producing them is time- and labour-intensive and there is no guarantee that the end result will be precise enough to provide efficient protection from X-rays.

Application of the 3D printing technology in the area of healthcare is not a fancy daydream. Instead we can forecast that this technology will be playing a bigger role in the future development of medicine.


3D Platform’s Extreme Benchy Print!

3D Platform showcased their extreme Benchy print that became quite popular on Reddit.

scale your print size from large to small with 3D Platforms.


Decrease your print times from 100 hours down to 11 hours

John Good talks us through these 3 main categories at Rapid 2017


3D Platform Announces PRO Electronics Rebuild Program

3D Platform Launches PRO Electronics Rebuild Program Give your x1000 or Workbench Machine the PRO Boost Rockford, Illinois, USA – April 25, 2017 – 3D Platform (3DP), a global leader in manufacturing large-format, industrial-strength 3D machines


3DP reduces Print Times from 2 kg/day to 2 kg/hr

3D Platform’s new line of high flow extruders and 6 mm diameter filament reduce print times and increase throughput from 2 kg/day to 2 kg/day. Using larger filament also allows customers to print stronger parts.


Cast your Jewellery in a matter of hours – EnvisionTEC cDLM

With average build speeds ranging between 10 and 20 minutes per inch in Z for the full envelope, the results will allow bridal and fashion rings to be designed, grown, and ready for investment casting the same day.