Clayoo 2.0 – Unlimited Creation and Modification

Clayoo 2.0 - Unlimited Creation and Modification

The possibilities are limitless!

Modeling from any geometry: surfaces, solids, meshes or from a sketch.

Edit easily using the most advanced tool as Join, Break, Divide, Separate, Offsets, Raise, Move, Extrude, Plunge, Shell… and much more!

Retopology 3D printing software, Scan Data and STL to Clayoo® Surfaces or Nurbs.

Product Detail

It is like modeling by hand!

This is the concept of Clayoo®, it does not matter if you start from a sketch, curve or a 3D object. It is about the ease of pulling, pushing and moving until your idea comes true.

Reverse Engineering

Clayoo® becomes essential for “Reverse Engineering” with advanced tools as Retopology, which allows you to create surfaces over digitized objects easily, being able to convert the result in Nurbs surfaces.

When precision is a must

Clayoo® combined with standard Rhino tools such as draft angle or thickness, allows you to analyze measurements when precision is needed.

Not only modeling, but manufacturing

Clayoo® geometry is perfect for manufacturing prototypes, molds, … By exporting the STL it automatically generates closed meshes.

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