Envisiontec Micro Plus

Envisiontec Micro Plus Advantage and Micro Plus Hi-Res

  • Smallest personal desktop 3D printer
  • Can produce small components requiring a high level of precision
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses in the jewellery industry to enable full production capability
  • Ideal for producing high quality, small jewelry components
  • Long Life LED DLP light source with zero maintenance and very low acquisition cost
  • Perfactory® Micro builds 5-6 average ring sizes in a 5-8 hour build time
  • Perfactory® Micro Advantage builds 10-12 average ring sizes in a 5-8 hour build time

Available Materials: ABS Flex M, EC500 M, EC3000 M, HTM140 M.


Product Detail

Machine SpecificationMicro Plus AdvantageMicro Plus Hi-Res
Build Envelope65 x 40 x 100 mm

45 x 28 x 100 mm

XY Resolution60 micron30 micron
Dynamic Z resolution25 – 75 micron**25 – 75 micron**

**Material Dependent.



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