Envisiontec Perfactory Vida and Vida Hi-Res

Envisiontec Perfactory Vida and Vida Hi-Res

  • Compatible with 3Shape, Orchestrate 3D, Dental Wings and Exocad design software
  • Any STL file of a model designed from an impression or an Intra Oral Scanner can be printed
  • Capable of printing orthodontic models, partials, surgical guides, and bite guards
  • Changeover between materials is quick and easy with no waste
  • Long life LED light source with zero maintenance and very low acquisition cost

Product Detail

Machine SpecificationVidaVida Hi-Res
Build Envelope (factory adjustable)*140 x 79 x 100 mm98 x 55 x 100 mm
Native Voxel** Size XY:73 micron50 micron
Dynamic Voxel** Resolution in Z25 – 150 μm25 – 150 μm
Footptint39.5 x 35.0 x 78.7 cm39.5 x 35.0 x 78.7 cm

*Deviation of +/- 2mm possible.
**A voxel is volumetric pixel.
***Pre-Adjusted by each material module and material dependent.


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