Zortrax M200 has 3D printed a human skull in Z-ULTRAT!

Zortrax put their best efforts into delivering reliable and user-friendly tools so that a user could focus solely on a project without wasting precious time and energy on making adjustments. This human skull model is the first step into proving the potential of applying 3D printing technology to medicine


Meet Harvard’s 3D printing pioneer Jennifer Lewis.

Professor Jennifer Lewis and her group in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, are behind some of the biggest stories in the 3D printing industry. In 2016 alone Lewis et al., in collaboration with Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, released papers demonstrating breakthrough developments in 3D printing living kidney and heart cells with bio plotter. Additionally, the

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The Zortrax M200 has 3D printed an artificial heart!

3D printing the components of an artificial heart, allowed a team of researchers to speed up the development of their study, and keep costs super-low. The approximate cost to manufacture the heart was just $21 USD.


Professional inner-ear monitor manufacturer in China relies on EnvisionTEC 3D printers

Senhear makes customized, and increasingly fashionable, inner-ear devices with EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory Standard XL machines, which use advanced DLP technology, and DDSP printers.


Tears flow as boy gets new ears with the help of 3D printing.

Tears flowed at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town on Thursday when Tylor Baker, who was born deaf and without ears, explained how it felt to be wearing specially made silicone implants.


Artec’s new 3D handheld scanner captures up to 80 frames per second!

Artec 3D has recently unveiled the Artec Leo, a smart handheld 3D scanner that captures up to 80 frames per second (FPS).

The scanner includes Autopilot — an AI-based feature within the Artec Studio 11 software that automatically processes raw 3D data into high-quality 3D models.


Artec 3D handheld scanners have helped successfully complete thousands of projects.

Artec 3D handheld scanners have helped successfully complete thousands of projects in a great many industries. Check out this video now!


Understanding the Technology Behind EnvisionTEC’s 3D Printers

Many beginners are debating the difference between SLA (laser-based stereolithography) and DLP (digital light processing) – which is the superior technology?

Understanding the 3D printing procedure will help to break down what you can expect from a final print.

SLA and DLP‘s approach are very similar: A vat of resin is exposed to a light source that cures the material and ‘stacks-it-up’ to create one solid object.


The dental industry is rapidly adopting 3D printing technology

EnvisionTEC is one of the leading 3D printers and material distributors. Sales of their dental 3D printers grew 75% in 2016 — with no signs of slowing.

The new Vida cDLM is actually 5-10 times faster than prior DLP technology which makes it the world’s fastest dental 3D printer (for the moment). But the printer also offers an array of other key benefits which allow accurate, high-speed 3D printing with fewer supports, making it easier to clean up after each print.


Columbia has Successfully 3D Printed Knee Tissue!

3D bio-print a scaffold in the exact shape of the meniscus using a polycaprolactone material, a biodegradable polymer. The machine used for the bioprinting process is EnvisionTEC’s bioplotter, which is capable of 3D printing with different materials at different temperatures.