The truism “Knowledge is Power” has never been more relevant in this knowledge based world we live in.

Let’s face it, there are 10,000 voices out there clambering for your attention every day. Your task, is to filter the wheat from the chaff.

When it comes to Professional 3D printing, EnvisionTEC are ahead of the curve. A voice worth paying attention to. One way you can make your 2017 better, is by getting a handle on how Professional 3D printing technology is changing business models and work-flows.

Starting 17th January 2017, EnvisionTEC will be hosting a series of training webinars. These are training webinars, so there’ll be plenty to learn. No obligations, just pure learning. You will also be able to ask questions and get them answered.

Here’s the first topic for the planned training webinars

The Micro Plus 3D printer.

This first session is dedicated to the overview of EnvisionTEC’s Micro Plus 3D printer, including best practices and how to build efficiency. By registering for this course, you can look forward to learning about:

  • Common materials and their properties
  • PSA best practices
  • Time Saving tips and tricks
  • Post-processing *Emphasizing Alcohol*
  • Customer support
  • Open Q & A

If you want to be notified in advance, just before each training webinar, fill in the form below and we’ll oblige.

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Feedback on EnvisionTEC Training …

In the words of Valorie Havercamp, Purple Mountain Jewelry, Inc.

“My husband and I attended a training class for our Micro machine in late August and we wanted to give you some feedback.

Lauren was our trainer and she was AWESOME! She made something very foreign to us seem understandable. She is a combination of knowledge, experience, teaching ability, concern for others and wit. She is a perfect trainer and you should be proud to have her on your team. She has a knack for not ever making anyone feel stupid no matter how many times we asked the same question. I have found it a rarity to have an experienced and knowledgeable person about a technology also be able to train others. When we left we felt so confident about using our machine. We had walked into the training feeling very doubtful and overwhelmed.

But, even beyond her exceptional training abilities is her customer service. In the weeks since training we have had many trials and she was ALWAYS right there to help us, either by phone or email. Her constant invitation for us to reach out to her is backed up by her kind, quick and thorough response. Even after training we have not been “alone” which was our greatest fear. Lauren is truly a partner to her customers. She really “gets” customer service. She puts herself into our shoes and takes on our problems and issues as her own. Either an individual has that desire for taking care of customers or they do not. Whether Lauren was born with this talent or has simply developed it over her professional career, she is absolutely outstanding at it. We are so comfortable contacting her for post-training help and she always welcomes our contact.

We are never made to feel that we are bothering her. I know we could have gotten other trainers, but we feel so fortunate and blessed to have gotten Lauren! I hope you appreciate her as much as we do! Thank you for allowing us to work with her.”



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  1. 11 January 2017 at 7:35 pm

    Wish you a successful year.
    I am moving to new premises, If my business does well I want to purchase a printer.

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